How to Dry and Grind Fresh Herbs in 4 Easy Steps

Have you been wondering how to dry and grind fresh herbs in 4 easy steps ? Dried herbs are extremely expensive at the store and often mixed with unnecessary fillers to keep them fresh. Sometime herb blends even have hidden gluten ingredients. It is so much cheaper and easier to just buy herbs when they are in season at your local farmers market and just dry them yourself.

Step 1.

Buy organic herbs at your farmers market or grocery store.

Step 2.

Make sure they are clean and dry, then place them into a paper bag or cotton bag to keep the dust off of them. Fold the end of the bag or tie it off if it is cotton.

Step 3.

Set the herbs in a place out of the way for a week or two.  I like to store them on top of my refrigerator while they dry out.

Step 4.

Take the herbs out of the bag, remove from the stem and crush them up.

Save them in an airtight container or spice jar until use.

For rosemary or other dense herbs use our herb grinder them into a fine powder for use in rub.

We keep The Original Grinder just for grinding herbs.

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